Completion of languagesplitting

Right, no more "update"! I've done the last four modules today and EleRas did all the rest yesterday, many thanks for that. Now we only need to update the old design and we'll then merge branches/syscp-1.3/ back into trunk/syscp-1.3/. YAY!
Step 1 of our plan to conquer the webpanel world completed. :P
EleRas also wrote a fancy script that does some comparisions and generates updated language files also for all the other languages SysCP supports, but those are highly incomplete now that many definitions etc. changed, so they will have to be updated by the translators.
English (of course), italian and german we can take care of ourselves, but for all the others we'd very much appreciate help from the community, we already have a list of translators, but having other people also working on it or as backup would really be great! So if you know any of: Portugues, Chinese, Catalan, Russian, French, Spanish, Danish very well, drop a note to flo and/or eleras, thanks!

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 24 Oct 2006 at 23:57
Categories: SysCP Comments

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