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Hi all, /me is back, since a few days now, and I've been working on updating stuff...

Today, together with vivo, MySQL 5.0.X stabilization was agreed on, and bug 144999 updated accordingly. x86 already responded and stabled dev-db/mysql-5.0.26-r1, the other arches will soon follow. The upgrade from 4.1.X should be painless, just remember to read the MySQL upgrading guide for instructions on how to backup your data before the upgrade, and be sure to run revdep-rebuild from gentoolkit after the upgrade, as all things linking to MySQL will need to be recompiled.

New PostgreSQL ebuilds are also coming up, those are the first of the new generation of PostgreSQL ebuilds, done together with dev-zero, that will fix up a lot of issues and ease maintainance of PostgreSQL a lot, as well as permitting some exciting new things in the future. ETA for those new ebuilds to enter Portage is this evening (UTC timezone).

PHP 5.2.0 is also finally out, congrats to the PHP Team, expect an ebuild for the final version in the PHP Overlay by Wednesday and in Portage by Saturday at most.

Samhain will also be updated soon to the newest versions, so if you use that, stay tuned.

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 06 Nov 2006 at 01:00
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#gentoo-db has just opened its (virtual) doors (or windows or terminals, depends on what IRC client you use).

The new channel is intented to provide a platform for discussions, concerning both support and development, centering on Gentoo and databases.
At the moment Gentoo MySQL and PostgreSQL people hang out there, but it's my hope to see other developers and/or teams that maintain database-related packages for Gentoo (Firebird, Oracle, SQLite, BerkeleyDB, ...) join too, as well as users with experience in SQL and database administration, or just people interested in databases and their uses.

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 30 Jul 2006 at 16:40
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SLOTed MySQL or not?

As the title says, what would you prefer for the future of MySQL in Gentoo?
Please take a moment to read this forums post and vote (and eventually comment on it). Thanks!

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 28 Feb 2006 at 17:21
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New-style PHP status

Well, Stuart mentioned what is holding us up some time ago, here is the updated edition:

  • Create dev-php/php-toolkit
  • Fixing deps in the Portage tree
  • lib64 Patch
  • PaX support patch
  • Some safe_mode issues

We're well on track I think, for the dev-php/php-toolkit package we already have the concepts, it only needs to be implemented, it will be a collection of BASh scripts to help you update and maintain your PHP packages and extensions, and also symlink the correct PHP binaries, as we dropped the idea of using eselect for that and will retire app-admin/eselect-php as soon as we have a working alternative for our needs.
The deps in the Portage tree also are making progress, iirc the last time I checked only 4-5 ebuilds still had wrong dependencies that were not compatible with the new-style PHP.
The lib64 patch still needs to be reviewed, I'll try to do that this week.
PaX support... Well, we have ideas on how to fix the TEXTREL issues, but it slows PHP down considerably so we'll probably go for the USE-flag solution: who needs it enableds it and has a TEXTREL-free PHP wich is slower, who doesn't need it, can have his PHP with some TEXTREL around and have it as fast as it always was.
Also safe_mode creates some troubles in some configurations it seems, one of them was fixed now in the PHP Overlay and the other I'll try to do ASAP.

MySQL 4.1 now is finally stable, a "great work!" to the Gentoo MySQL devs, as it works really well and permits us to go stable with dev-lang/php-5* in the future. ;)

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 24 Oct 2005 at 19:49
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