New Propel db structure on its way!

The new database structure for SysCP 1.4 is taking form, I'd say it's almost complete, only the foreign-key definitions are still missing, something I intend to rectify in a day or two.
While changing towards this new structure, we've also changed to use Propel to connect and work with the database, it will thus replace the old DatabaseHandler.
Starting with SysCP 1.4, thanks to all this, we'll also support using SysCP on a PostgreSQL database, and there will also be a module to let your customers create and administrate PostgreSQL databases, just like you can now with MySQL.
Only thing that deluded me a little is that the Propel generated classes change when built with MySQL or PgSQL, which is kinda "WTF?", as we're speaking about a database abstraction layer to an extent... Oh well, the changes are tiny and we'll then decide how to approach this... Either distributing two SysCP tarballs, one with PgSQL classes and one with the MySQL ones, or just supplying a diff against the MySQL ones to support PgSQL... Once we're more into the whole thing we'll be able to decide!

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 19 Nov 2006 at 21:56
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New PostgreSQL and PHP (late)

As the title says, I'm late with this blog post, but better late than never!
The new dev-db/libpq and dev-db/postgresql ebuilds reached Portage on Thursday, they seem to work well (we've received positive feedback until now) and already solved a number of bugs! Thanks to dev-zero for all the work spent on them, we make a good team!
Btw, it seems dbs are made to be maintained by two people... Me and dev-zero for PgSQL, me and vivo for MySQL, and it works very well! WEEEE TEAMWORK RULEZ! Thansk guys, it's great to work with you all!

On the PHP front, 5.2.0 reached the overlay, I still have to update the eclasses a little and fix some stuff, as well as update the 4.4.X and 5.1.X releases with some patches, which will probably happen tomorrow, and they'll probably be put into Portage on Sunday or Monday, sorry for the little delay, but at least the stuff's well tested and working then.

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 10 Nov 2006 at 22:45
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News, news, news!

Hi all, /me is back, since a few days now, and I've been working on updating stuff...

Today, together with vivo, MySQL 5.0.X stabilization was agreed on, and bug 144999 updated accordingly. x86 already responded and stabled dev-db/mysql-5.0.26-r1, the other arches will soon follow. The upgrade from 4.1.X should be painless, just remember to read the MySQL upgrading guide for instructions on how to backup your data before the upgrade, and be sure to run revdep-rebuild from gentoolkit after the upgrade, as all things linking to MySQL will need to be recompiled.

New PostgreSQL ebuilds are also coming up, those are the first of the new generation of PostgreSQL ebuilds, done together with dev-zero, that will fix up a lot of issues and ease maintainance of PostgreSQL a lot, as well as permitting some exciting new things in the future. ETA for those new ebuilds to enter Portage is this evening (UTC timezone).

PHP 5.2.0 is also finally out, congrats to the PHP Team, expect an ebuild for the final version in the PHP Overlay by Wednesday and in Portage by Saturday at most.

Samhain will also be updated soon to the newest versions, so if you use that, stay tuned.

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 06 Nov 2006 at 01:00
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