Rig 2011/09/16

Second year at UZH looms on the horizon... Let's hope it's gonna be FUN! ;)

I haven't worked on Rig as much as I'd have liked this summer, but here's a quick summary of what did happen:

  • rig_str moved outside main source tree as its own module
  • further work went into testing
  • BS.txt's added, prototype configuration files for a new build-files generator, to maybe substitute CMake
  • improved support for Eclipse CDT 8.0 Static Analysis (awesome feature!)
  • fixed a bug in MurmurHash 3 (from upstream)
  • SMR using HPs was better name-spaced and the retire_mem function split up, to accommodate alternative SMR methods more easily
  • rig_mem_alloc_aligned() now supports additional flags; "RIG_MEM_ALLOC_ALIGN_PAD: pad allocation to next alignment boundary" was added (mostly for cache-line alignment to avoid false-sharing)
  • recursion was made optional for the MLock and the MRWLock, controlled by a flag. MRWLock now fully supports recursion, in both the read and write sides. This requires TLS-based owner checking to be performed, so it's not possible to disable that at compile-time for the MRWLock anymore. Non-recursive locks are the default now.

Next I'll be working on an implementation of Epoch-based SMR, which should offer better performance while traversing lists and ease of usage than HP-based SMR (as well as not having any patents I know of on it).

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 16 Sep 2011 at 14:37
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