net-www/apache-1* masked

This I just wrote to gentoo-dev and gentoo-server, finally ending Apache-1* support in Gentoo.

Hi all!
As announced in the 30 April 2007 edition of GWN, net-www/apache-1* as well as all packages depending/using it were masked, pending removal on 12 June 2007.
I fixed all packages, dependencies, etc. I could find to work correctly after the masking (generally removing Apache 1.X support from them).
If you find any issue still, please open a bug about it, assign it to and make it block bug 178189.
If you use or plan on using the apache-module or depend.apache eclasses, be aware that the need_apache function doesn't anymore export the apache2 USE flag to IUSE, since now it directly depends on Apache 2.X, so be sure to declare it in your ebuilds IUSE (I fixed the few cases where this wasn't already done).
Thanks and happy upgrading to Apache 2.X!

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 12 May 2007 at 15:44
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