UZH Informatik Studium

Following, a collection of useful resources, links, etc. for those studying Informatik - Software Engineering at the University of Zürich. Mostly a collection of summaries, either written by myself or others, that I've successfully used to study for exams; plus a few projects and presentations.

Bachelor Semester 1, Summaries

Mathematik Intro
Mathematik I
Informatik I - Technische Grundlagen der Informatik
Formal Methods I

There is no summary for Financial Accounting, I really recommend working with the great book and following all the lectures.
The Informatik im Unternehmen one is kinda long, I'll supply it at some point.

Bachelor Semester 2, Summaries

Mathematik II
Informatik II - Datenstrukturen und Algorithmen
Kommunikations Systeme

For both Mathematik I and Mathematik II the folders you can buy from are highly recommended: great summaries, complete with exercises, solutions, old exams and more, those are incredibly useful and prepare you well for the final exams.

For both BWL I and II I also can really recommend using the K-Karten to study.

Bachelor Semester 3, Summaries

Software Engineering (external, ICU)
Software Engineering - long summary (external, Joel Scheuner)
Software Engineering - cheat sheet
Formal Methods II (external, Gregory Wyss)
Distributed Systems (external, ICU)
Distributed Systems - cheat sheet (external, ICU)
Systems Software (external, Patrick)
Systems Software - cheat sheet

For Unix, the lectures coupled with the Q&A sheet from the homepage are more than sufficient.

Bachelor Semester 4, Summaries

Database Systems
Database Systems - cheat sheet
Peer2Peer Applications - short summary (external, ICU)
Peer2Peer Applications - long summary (external, ICU)

For P2P we also worked on a project consisting of a peer-to-peer radio application that tries to follow the user's taste preferences. Our group managed second place, out of eight, in this challange task. You can download our group's report and source code (Luca Longinotti, Genc Mazlami, Robert Richter and Daniele De Felice).

The presentation our group (Luca Longinotti, Genc Mazlami, Gionata Genazzi) held during Scientific Presenting, concerning Java 7, can be downloaded here.

Furthermore as part of SOPRA (Software Praktikum) we implemented Ravensburger's Asara board-game in Java, Swing and RMI, with multiplayer support. It can be downloaded here (JAR with sources). The group consisted of Luca Longinotti, Genc Mazlami, Benjamin Ellenberger, Roman Göldi and Gregory Wyss.

Bachelor Semesters 5 & 6

I don't really have any other useful summaries handy for the later semesters. In the end, I got my Bachelor's degree in 2015 with a grade average of 4.8. My final Bachelor's thesis work can be found here (grade 5.5).