I'm finally back on the net, after not having any internet access at my new apartment in Zürich after I moved there. I now started my bachelor studies at the ETH Zürich, of course in Computer Science, though there's a little bit too much maths right now for me to be really excited about it, future semesters will be better I hope. So I'll try to get back to a few Gentoo things in the near future, now that I also finally fixed up my main dev system (which had its disk die just before I moved)... Still this blog entrys main focus is to tell you the name of a package I discovered today:


After reinstalling this system I, as always before, emerged screen to take care of my detached terminal needs, I always had the problem with backspace not working correctly from the desktop, which I was never able to fix correctly, but it was bearable. This time it seems something else went wrong too, and inside my screen sessions it didn't source .bashrc or .bash_profile (which sources .bashrc), even if the shell was correctly set to a bash login shell...
So, while perusing Gentoo Wiki's Screen TIPs to see if anyone had seen something like this, at the end of that page I came across the mention of tmux, a "simple, modern, BSD-licensed alternative to GNU Screen".
Seeing that it only depends on ncurses (which is usually installed everywhere), and was only like 100kb of source, I installed it and tried it out. I have to say I'm impressed, this little tool does everything I did with screen too (mainly just having multiple, detached terminals and resuming them, which is probably no "advanced screen usage", but what most people will likely need), backspace works without any fiddling, the Bash stuff is correctly sourced, and the few commands are easy to adapt to, here a little overview:

  • tmux - Starts a new tmux session
  • CTRL-b d - Press CTRL-b, then d, to detach the terminal
  • tmux a - Reattach to the detached terminal

Still, read man tmux to get the full overview, and then happily emerge -C screen, as I just did.

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 05 Oct 2008 at 14:48
Categories: Longi, Gentoo, Software Comments

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