ExpoVina and Sushi

I'll try to blog again more often, so that at least I'll have a log of my life, more or less. ;)

Yesterday (Tuesday) evening I and a couple of friends (Flavio, Andrea and Dersim) went to ExpoVina 2009 in Zürich, a big wine exposition held on 12 boats anchored at the Bürkliplatz port.
We arrived at around 1700 and stayed till about 1920, sampling wines from different countries, regions and producers. I particularly appreciated the selection of sweet wines from Bindella, as I love sweet and dessert wines, and ordered a few right away, their VinSanto "Dolce Sinfonia" and the "Brachetto d'Aqui" were incredibly good. We also sampled a few wines from Valais, Switzerland, (Favre, Dubois), which were quite good, but I didn't order any of those, as they are relatively easy to find here, and I actually know the Favre Caves in Sion personally, as I was there with the military during my Fourier advancement course, and later with my father. They make quite good white wine, such as the Petite Arvine. Being a fan of sweet wines, I also couldn't resist ordering a few bottles of Samos, a very sweet Greek wine, by Keel. We also had our first taste of Spanish wine, from Casa del Vino, they were quite different from the usual Italian wines we were accustomed to, but quite good nonetheless. The people manning the stand were also very polite and helpful, telling us the differences and histories of the various wines as we sampled them, and offering us samples from all regions and types of wines they had. One of the friends with me then told us another guy we know (Simone) already was here a few days ago, and recommended to try the Port wines from Amarela, which we did. Most of us had no particular experience with Port wines at all, so the guy there helped us choose, and we all were pleasantly surprised, ordering a few bottles of Ruby Reserva and Finest Reserve. To conclude the wine-tasting evening, we enjoyed a few Italian red wines at Weibel, and had a nice discussion with the Italian guy there. All in all a very nice event, which I'll be sure to go again next year.
After that we hooked up with a few other friends (albeit we were ~20 minutes late, sorry guys!) and went to eat Sushi at Nooch. I quite enjoy Asian food, and this was my first time eating Sushi, and I must say it was very good, but I still prefer all the fried Chinese food and stuff. ;)
After that we all went home, and me and Flavio watched another episode of "My name is Earl", it's a really hilarious show that I recommend to anyone. :D Yo, have a good day!

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 13 Nov 2009 at 10:54
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