Bauma, Platform der Kleinserie

Yesterday I went to Bauma, a small village in the canton of Z├╝rich, where yearly in October the "Platform der Kleinserie" takes place. It's the premier fair in Switzerland for small producers of model trains in any scale, as well as all types of accessories. Mostly high-quality brass models or other small production or limited edition series can be found here. As usual, the N scale was not that well represented, H0 clearly had most exhibitors and customers, with 0 and 1 also having a significant following. I had two main goals when walking out of my home that morning:

I managed to do both successfully. The signals by Microscale are really well made, I'll definitely order them there when I get to the point where I do need signals.

I also had a very nice conversation with Dario Morciano from MD Trains, it helped a lot that we both spoke italian. His trains are beautifully made, on an order-by-order basis, there are maybe 20 ICNs currently worldwide. Everything was truly lovely, also the models of the SBB ETR 610, the ETR 470, and the BLS MUTZ were amazing. All train compositions that a lot of people in the N scale communities I know of have been waiting for for years. The price may be off-putting for many people, this kind of precision, hand-made small production work is very expensive. I'd say about twice what one of the big manufacturers would sell such trains at, if they ever get to actually producing them, but that doesn't seem to be the case. For me, it was a more than acceptable price given the quality and the opportunity to have an SBB ICN cruising on my layout, sometimes next year.

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 16 Oct 2016 at 18:00
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