Within Temptation concert and photos

As previously announced I went to the Within Temptation concert in Zürich at the Volkshaus.
A venue I've never been before, but it was very comfortable, all seated places.
The music and the band were great, being part of their "The Unforgiving" tour, they played most songs from their latest album, and mixed in some old classics like "What Have You Done". Great show, congratulations!
Only negative was the long wait till they started playing, 1:20 after the official beginning of the concert, about 45 minutes of which were taken up by the opening act, can't remember their name, didn't like them much, and found them wholly inappropriate given what came after, it was some kind of (kinda-hard) rock, as opening for a gothic metal band? Oh well, I was probably just anxious for WT to start playing. :)
I took two videos:

  • Faster (Removed because of file size limitations)
  • What Have You Done (Removed because of file size limitations)

as well as some photos. The quality is terrible, I forgot my camera and had to do with the cell.
While I was uploading these, I noticed a few older StreetParade 2011 photos too.

And, this time from the real camera, I added the photos from the Computer-Linguistik week-end in Flumserberg.
That was incredibly fun, got to know lots of new people, it was a really great idea.

And while we're talking about great music, take a look at "Nickelback - When We Stand Together", amazing song, great video, profound message. Waiting on the new album!

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 05 Nov 2011 at 19:24
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