Rig 2011/05/02

This week's Rig status update:

  • MLOCK/MRWLOCK: added functions to discover if a lock is held or not, clarified documentation wrt recursive locking, and fixed a possible wrap-around bug in MLOCK and an incorrect error return in MRWLOCK
  • SMR: ported it to use MLOCK instead of its own micro-lock scheme
  • Changed rig_thread_id() to start at 1 for the main thread and not to use 0 at all. This aligns it with some OS implementations, leads to better performance, and fixes a bug in MLOCK, which uses the 0 ID to signal "no-thread-owns-me"
  • Changed default hash algorithm to MurmurHash 3
  • Added support for tests, using the great Check framework for C Unit-Testing, and using CMake's CTest to run them
  • Added optional testing support to the Gentoo ebuild (USE=test + FEATURES=test)

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 02 May 2011 at 08:00
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