Nouveau ++ and HAL --

I finally did it: I tried out Nouveau, the open-source driver for Nvidia graphics cards, and everything went well, my dual head setup works as before, thanks also to XMonad, which is one of the few window-managers that implements virtual desktop management and multi-head setups the right way.
I've waited this long to be sure it all worked and got tested by lots of other people before me, as I simply can't have the main workstation not displaying anything and spend days getting stuff from Git repositories to try out fixes.
Needed a moment to get how XRandr wants the position of monitors specified in xorg.conf, but in the end everything worked out well, and I managed to also massively slim down my Xorg configuration.
So now I have a kernel with no proprietary drivers, and that also means I can finally build a monolithic hardened kernel, without any modules. Works great!
2.6.37 will also bring Temperature Sensors support to Nouveau from what I'm told, I'm waiting on that!
This also brings a fully hardened desktop a little bit closer, as every binary piece of software gone is a problem less there.

I also got fully rid of HAL, since it's being deprecated, and thanks to uam and pmount I can still mount/unmount USB drives, having only udev running, and I also don't need any of the Policy/Console/Udisk-Kit stuff, that I hope never to have to install.
And I'm taking Midori for a test-drive, looking for a good alternative browser to Firefox, maybe it will be, maybe it won't.

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 04 Jan 2011 at 17:29
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