27C3: Day 3

Today we slept in even longer and arrived at the Congress past 12:30...
Found a nice place upstairs, facing Alexa. Ate lots of awesome Belgian butter waffles!

  • 14:00 "Cognitive Psychology for Hackers", awesome talk on psychological "hacks" on humans, biases and so on that influence our decision making, very well done, great examples, I'll probably buy the book he cited at the end, as I'm very interested in this too, and he even mentioned "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality", a fan-fiction I've been following, as being very much spot-on in its explanation of rational thinking.
  • 16:00 "Console Hacking 2010" was gearing up to be great, presenting results on hacking the PS3 now that you can't run Linux on it anymore by default, but I had massive problems with the stream, it continued to die on me (I'll have to download it later!), so I started playing with the LigHTTPD installation that powers this blog, setting up SSL (so now you can also use https:// to access it) correctly, with a real certificate (at least on Firefox), thanks to StartSSL, great service there. I also fixed redirection from other subdomains/domains, so now www.longitekk.com or test.longitekk.com automatically redirect you to the blog.
    I also now serve my Trac installation over HTTPS on dev.longitekk.com, thanks to mod_proxy.

Between exploring Lighty's configuration syntax, eating a very good curry&rice from the BCC's catering and getting more waffles from Alexa, I missed a few talks in the evening.

  • 21:45 "Zero-sized heap allocations vulnerability analysis" gave an interesting introduction to a problem not every programmer is aware of, and then went off into verification land, so I switched to "Fnord-Jahresr├╝ckblick 2010", which was hilarious, as usual.
  • Around 23:15 "Hacker Jeopardy" started, which is disputing its final round as I'm writing this, it's a cool game to play with your colleagues, some incredibly tricky and funny questions in there.

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 30 Dec 2010 at 01:25
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