A few useful pieces of software

Continuing my series about useful software I use daily, I decided to finish it up quickly by just posting a few names, links and descriptions.

  • XMonad - tiling window manager, totally changed how I interact with my desktop, the keyboard is a much more efficient way to do things ;)
  • LLVM + Clang - new virtual machine / compiler infrastructure and C/C++ compiler based on it, much faster than GCC and with much more helpful error messages, but not with all of its extensions and features
  • Eclipse - the open-source IDE, makes programming faster and more fun!
  • CDT for Eclipse - C/C++ plug-in for Eclipse, makes developing C projects that much easier
  • PyDev for Eclipse - Python plug-in, to support your favorite scripting language better ;)
  • SSHFS - mounts remote file-systems over SSH, providing strong encryption and authentication (uses the FUSE framework on Linux)

I'll soon start posting about my latest software project, Rig, which I have been working on for quite a while, so stay tuned!

Quick events guide:

  • 4 November, big ASTAZ party (aka. Free-Alcohol) @ Dynamo Zürich
  • 4-18 November, ExpoVina 2010 @ Bürkliplatz Zürich

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 30 Oct 2010 at 00:32
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