New PostgreSQL and PHP (late)

As the title says, I'm late with this blog post, but better late than never!
The new dev-db/libpq and dev-db/postgresql ebuilds reached Portage on Thursday, they seem to work well (we've received positive feedback until now) and already solved a number of bugs! Thanks to dev-zero for all the work spent on them, we make a good team!
Btw, it seems dbs are made to be maintained by two people... Me and dev-zero for PgSQL, me and vivo for MySQL, and it works very well! WEEEE TEAMWORK RULEZ! Thansk guys, it's great to work with you all!

On the PHP front, 5.2.0 reached the overlay, I still have to update the eclasses a little and fix some stuff, as well as update the 4.4.X and 5.1.X releases with some patches, which will probably happen tomorrow, and they'll probably be put into Portage on Sunday or Monday, sorry for the little delay, but at least the stuff's well tested and working then.

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 10 Nov 2006 at 22:45
Categories: PgSQL, PHP, Gentoo Comments

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