Meeting summary: PHP Herd, January 2006

The minutes of the PHP Herd's January meeting are now available, including a full log if anyone needs it.
We elected herd leads, agreed on how to deal with the old-style PHP packages and discussed a number of ideas like SLOTing of PHP minor version and some eclass changes, amongst other things.
The next meeting will be on Tuesday 7th February 2006 at 19:00 UTC in #gentoo-php on All are welcome. If anyone has a topic they'd like to see on the agenda, please let a member of the PHP herd know.

Also, on a non-meeting-related note, we finally uploaded our official PHP Herd page, including up-to-date versions of our documentation (done by Andreask, great work and thanks!).

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 22 Jan 2006 at 04:46
Categories: Gentoo Comments

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