PHP 5.1.1 in Portage

Finally, PHP 5.1.1 and the new revisions for the other dev-lang/php versions are in the Portage tree. :)

Those should fix a lot of bugs and problems, especially with Hardened-PHP (updated to latest 0.4.8 release) and GCC4 (bug in the CURL extension that made the compile fail).
With those, we also now use app-admin/php-toolkit instead of app-admin/eselect-php, so you'll be required to migrate to php-toolkit (just unmerge eselect-php and emerge php-toolkit), since eselect-php will soon be removed from the tree.
The PHP Overlay was updated/cleaned accordingly. Enjoy PHP 5.1! ;)

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 04 Jan 2006 at 12:49
Categories: PHP, Gentoo Comments

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