New-style PHP update

Current status report:

  • Create dev-php/php-toolkit (still needs to be done)
  • Fixing deps in the Portage tree (still needs to be done for some packages, not in our influence sphere)
  • lib64 Patch (still needs checking)
  • PaX support patch (workaround of "pic" USE flag implemented)
  • Some safe_mode issues (all fixed along with other security bugs)

So in the end, what we still have to do is dev-php/php-toolkit and review the lib64 patch, both things I didn't have time to do yet and will try to do as soon as possible. Last week was marked by many PHP revision bumps on all PHP packages due to a lot of security fixes, and dev-lang/php got its newest addition of version 4.4.1. Also remember, PHP 5.1.0 is coming soon. ;)
At the moment we don't really have a definitive date for stabling the new-style PHP, but if all goes well 2-3 weeks should suffice, I hope. Well that's all for the moment, happy Gentooing!

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 09 Nov 2005 at 00:44
Categories: PHP, Gentoo Comments

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