Misc updates

dev-lang/php was again updated in the PHP Overlay, fixing a bug with Apache1+fastbuild and the uClibc support for PHP4. Also, PHP 5.1.0_rc4 was added to the overlay, be sure to test it and your code, the final should be here soon (1-2 weeks) and will then be added to Portage.
Also, the old-style PHP packages (dev-php/{php,php-cgi,mod_php}) were updated to fix some bugs, as was the old php-sapi.eclass, tomorrow I'll update all the new-style PHP packages and eclasses to be in sync with the overlay, that will be fun! :)

Gentoo-SysCP is making progress, a draft readme was written today and I have some more ideas to implement before I make any more informations public, but an experimental (but working!) ebuild should be ready soon.

On a sidenote, I now finally have a week holidays from school, wich means I can work even more on Gentoo and enjoy myself during the day, as opposed to sitting in classes. Holidays are always fun! ;)

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 30 Oct 2005 at 03:36
Categories: Longi, SysCP, Gentoo Comments

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