dev-lang/php heavily updated in PHP Overlay

The PHP Overlay was updated this evening with a lot of new changes, especially all dev-lang/php ebuilds were revbumped to -r2 (for the ones considered "stable" by upstream, not the RC's or beta's/alpha's).
-r2 releases contain various fixes, regarding issues with open_basedir, safe_mode and some problems in the Apache2 SAPI, and will go into Portage tomorrow evening if all goes well, if possible please test it directly from the PHP Overlay and report problems there if you find any before we go into Portage with the new packages.
Those also include a new "oci8-instant-client" USE flag to support dev-db/oracle-instantclient-basic as Oracle provider for the OCI8 extensions, a new "pic" USE flag to enable/disable PIC code build of PHP (we for now solved it this way since PIC has a relatively big impact on PHP's performance, but it should/must be used on certain Hardened-Gentoo configurations, so since the Hardened profile has the "pic" USE flag enabled by default, this seemed like the best solution, that still gives the user choice over what he wants), also the usage of elibtoolize was fixed, wich should eventually help out on Gentoo/ALT systems (uClibc etc.), this should be all, please test! :)

Ah, I also changed the way extensions get enabled by default: now each extension has its own .ini file, that gets inserted into /etc/php/*/ext/, and a symlink gets created at /etc/php/*/ext-active/, and PHP searches there for .ini files, so to enable/disable an extension you just need to create/delete a symlink, there will be a tool to handle this easily in the future.
This change will atm only be available in the PHP Overlay, the -r2 ebuilds that will go into Portage tomorrow won't include it yet, we want some feedback from users on this, do you like it?
Do you think it's a good idea?
Let us know, either here as comment or at, thanks!

Posted by Luca Longinotti on 27 Oct 2005 at 22:02
Categories: PHP, Gentoo Comments

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